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    2016 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition)

    Date:2016-7-4    sentiment:3386

    • 2016 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition)

          From April 13- 16, 2016, our company attended Hong Kong Electronics Fair. In this exhibition, our company aimed to broaden our horizon, expand our way of thinking and advanced communication and cooperation with customers. Taking full advantage of this exhibition, we made a negotiation with customers and distributors. It would improve our products’ popularity and influence, in the meantime, it could let us have a further understanding of motor industry’s development.

          Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) is a large, professional and international exhibition which has passed UFI Certification. Electronics Fair not only is a most popular fair in Asia but also is a authoritative and comprehensive electronics fair. In 2015, there were 23 countries and companies from all over the world attending the exhibition. The area of exhibition hall is about 65,027 square meters. During the exhibition, there were a great number of participants including 141 countries and areas, and 61,768 professional audiences.
          Through this exhibition, we learned and gained a lot. We will spare no efforts to provide good quality products to customers in the future.